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Introducing the full range of TENGA products from the onacups (Red series, Black and White series, Ultra Size series) to the notorious and highly demanded TENGA FLIP HOLE. This video explains the unique features of the Tenga Red Standard Cups that was the flagship products from Tenga Japan… in English

The Latest Product: TENGA BLACK HOLE (Black Flip Hole)

MORE VIDEOS at http://www.youtube.com/user/wwwtengatangocom


Tenga 5th Anniversary Sale at tengatango.com

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In celebration of tengatango.com 5th year anniversary, prices for many Tenga products are now at a special price!

But hurry, price reduction is limited to this month and while stock lasts.

  • Tenga Ultra Size Set
    One Tenga Ultra Size Deep Throat and one Tenga Ultra Size Soft Tube for only $15.55
  • Tenga Ultra Size Soft Tube
    Five (yes, that right!) Tenga Ultra Size Soft Tube cups for only $45.55
  • Tenga Ultra Size Deep Throat
    Five Tenga Ultra Size Deep Throat cups for only $45.55 (say goodbye to sore mouth)
  • Tenga Hole Warmer
    Heat things up to enhance your pleasure. Now get 10 pieces of the Tenga Hole Warmer for only $15.55
  • Tenga Air Lotion Set (2 piece set)
    Cannot decide on which one? Get both! Now one bottle of White and one bottle of Black Air Lotion is going for only $15.55
  • Tenga Hole Lotion Set (3 piece set)
    Heaven on earth: one bottle of Real, one bottle of Wild, and one bottle of Mile Hole Lotion for a combined price of only $15.55
  • Red Air Cushion (5 pieces)
    Want more? The Tenga Air Cushion in Red for only $45.55 for 5 pieces
  • Red Rolling Head (5 pieces)
    Five Tenga Rolling Head cups at only $45.55

 Source: http://www.tengatango.com/2013/03/tengatangocom-5th-year-anniversary-sale/

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A short blog comment about the increasing popular Tenga 3D masturbation sleeve.


The Tenga 3D will be TENGA’s latest attempt to lead the global sex toy market again. The previous launch (or rather, re-launch) of the Tenga Flip Air did not create as much stir as previously anticipated.

TENGA 3D is a set of 5 masturbators, each looking like some modern building structure, or sculpture as some prefer to call it.

Again the discreet element is present again. We trust that the Tenga user will have no problem displaying these sex toys on the bookcase. Of course, it is highly recommended that the masturbators be thoroughly washed and dried before display or the stench of stale semen and lubricating lotion will give the real identity away!

Bookmark this blog for more updates coming your way soon. Or check tengatango.com for details.

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10 Tips for Better Sex Instantly

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Here are ten simple sex techniques you can adopt for immediate sexual gratification:

  1. Eliminate all distractions
    This includes cellphone, the TV, children, and any electronic gadgets or persons that might interrupt your intimate time together. The world can wait. Your sex drive cannot.
  2. Longer foreplay
    And it is not just the ladies that wanted this. Prolonged foreplay allows your partner’s body to activate all the sensitive hotspots, or G-spots so that it can better receive and give pleasure.
  3. Set the mood
    Want something spectacular in bed? Invest in items to set the right mood for a long love-making session: lit some candles, play soft music on the background, throw in some sex toys, lots of lube, and you have yourself an amazing night of sex after a pleasure.
  4. Lubricants
    Try new lotions to see which one works best for you. In the mood for something more challenging? Chill them in the fridge or warm them up by soaking the entire bottle in hot water. No one wants a chafed penis, or a sore orifice, so have lots of lubrication to last the night.
  5. Talk dirty
    Some dirty talking can be a huge turn-ons, and so can moaning and deep breathing that usually signal pleasure. These indicators are better description as to what you like what your partner is doing. Somewhat like a feedback system.
  6. Positioning
    Whether you are giving him head, or doing a sixty-nine, the idea is to adopt a position that feels comfortable and which will also allow you more flexibility and easy access to your partner’s entire genital area.
  7. Go anal
    If both of you are game, try some anal play: lightly lick the opening in a circular motion with a pointed tongue, or even engage in rimming by licking the entire anal opening from top to bottom like an ice cream cone with a big flat tongue.
  8. Explore other areas
    Often, the usually neglected areas can be surprising pleasurable to touch. Be open to explore or allow your partner to explore those area that is still in unchartered territory like the scrotum or the base of the penis. What’s the worst that can happen?
  9. Imitate
    Seen something erotic on porn and want to explore? Incorporate those crazy moves gradually into your bedroom like slapping his shaft against your partner’s face, or lick his pubes and the scrotal area, or paint her belly button with a pointed tongue.
  10. Slow things down
    Start with a sensual massage or sex toys like a cock ring or a Tenga – the idea is to tantalize, lick, fondle, tease, and arouse and drive your partner crazy and begging for more, or in his case: starts to leak pre-cum involuntarily.

Tenga and the Penis Festival in Japan

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Every year, the Kawasaki’s annual fertility festival (also known as the Kanamara Matsuri) at Hachiman-gu Shrine, attracts thousands of local as well as tourists.

Well widely accepted as an object of worship in Japan, the penis is regarded as man’s most vital and productive/ fertile icon.

The tradition which dates back many centuries was originally started by a legend.

The Vagina Dentata (a demon with very sharp teeth) will hide itself inside the vagina of virgins, maidens, and prostitutes so that when they have intercourse with men, the demon will bite off their men’s penis. Perhaps it is jealous of men and their reproductive power, or it hates the fact that the men will de-flower the ladies?

The fear of having a severed manhood was so great among the men that they stopped having sex with the women altogether. Besides rendering the women barren, the demon also almost destroyed the flesh trade.

In desperation, a group of prostitutes, sexually frustrated wives, and concerned mothers (eager to have grand-children) sought the help of a blacksmith with an ingenious plan: to forge a mental penis (perhaps explaining how we have dildos). The idea is to insert the iron phallus into the vagina so that when the demon bite down on it, will break his teeth instead.

The plan worked perfectly and soon the metal iron phallus (or wooden in some instances) became enshrined as an object of worship.

Besides a celebration of fertility and fruitfulness, the festival is also about the celebration of virility, passion, prosperity, marriage, marital bliss, and protection against  sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. Of course we now know that this protection must be coupled with proper condom usage, abstinence, or Tenga sex toys.

Kanamara Matsuri (かなまら祭り Festival of the Steel Phallus
Kanamara Matsuri – Annual Fertility Festival of the Steel Phallus
Annual Fertility festival honoring the steel penis statue

Kanamara Matsuri for protection from sexually transmitted diseases

Surprizing Facts about Sex and Masturbation

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Before Tenga was invented, men relied on developing social skills and making tons to money to get the sex they need. So you can imagine the havoc that Tenga created. With the ability to re-create realistic sexual pleasures (that men can only obtain via marriage), the Tenga offers the convenience and realism of sex with a few clicks on the computer mouse!

Signs that you lack sex or have insufficient sex includes:

  1. Frequent fantasies – you lack concentration and often found yourself wondering how you can actually get some hot action later in the day, or the next day. You postpone masturbation as you think you can get lucky later on.
  2. Lowered standards – you found that the least attractive person at your workplace may be secretly in love with you and would like to consider having sex with you.
  3. Endurance – you avoid touching yourself in your private areas for fear that you may accidentally aroused yourself and you ended up masturbating
  4. Anger – you are angry that your parents did not have better genes that made you more attractive or better endowed. You start to blame your ex-partners for not being sexy enough.
  5. Disappointment – you regret not spending more time on your grooming or visiting the gym. You made plans to exercise more regularly but almost immediately told yourself it will not make a difference at all.

It is always easy to doubt yourself and question your personal attractiveness when it comes to sex. One of the reason for all the stress is that the media is to be blamed actually. Alternatively you can blame the pornography industry for making sex looked so readily convenient and easy. The fact is that many people do not regard sex as important to them as a result of religious or moral upbringing – maybe that is why our world is filled with so many violence and anger?

The reality is that most people do not have enough sex. And nobody in the right mind will actually complained that they are have too much sex.

In any case, masturbation can be more a better alternative, and the therapeutic effects are just as good, if not better than sex.


The realism of pleasure from Tenga

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The real pleasure of the Tenga masturbation toys comes from the fact that the toys are designed to hit specific pleasure nerves on the penis for the goal of arousing and ending with a climax or orgasm (and ejaculation).

Unlike other sex toys, the interior design matters most because that is where it comes into direct contact with the penis.

Of course that does not mean that the external appearance of the sex toys is not important. On the contrary, there is also a lot of effort put into designing how the masturbator will look. This is why the sex toys looked more like ordinary household products, spaceships, meat grinder than a sex toy.

Maybe this is so that the sex toys will have a greater appeal to the otherwise shy buyers. Shoppers who are more shy may be embarrassed to purchase a sex toy from a shop, even if online (http://tengatango.ecrater.com). So the innocent looking external appearances, and packaging makes it easier.

It also helps that tengatango.com offers strict confidentiality and discreet shipping to avoid any embarrassments in the first place.


Perhaps the only thing you need to worry about is how to sniffle the moaning sounds that will come from you when you are lost in ecstasy in the pleasures of the Tenga sex toys.

When in doubt, consult your penis, he does not lie.

Long live Tenga!

If sex is the answer, what is the question?

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You cannot talk about sex without talking about pleasure or the consequences.

One of the most relevant consequences will be about love. Maybe that is why it is safer to talk about masturbation than sex. Love complicates matters – unless you are talking about sex love, and giving yourself a nice masturbation while you are at it.

Make masturbation better with a tenga from tengatango.com

Make masturbation better with a tenga from tengatango.com - your penis will love you for it

The best part about masturbation is that you can do it in your own terms: with or without lubricants, with one hand or both, in the privacy of your bedroom, or in the openness of the wild, with a nice AV playing or with eyes closed, with a Tenga sex toy, or some other man-made (or self-made) sex toy.

Some time back we asked people what will be the most appropriate music to listen to when they masturbate. Surprizing to learn that some prefer Classsic mucis, some love rock music, some prefer the explicit and erotic voices from the AV turned up so loud they can hear EVERYTHING. Others prefer the natural sound of their own voice and the moanings and groaning of endless pleasure.

“Why watch a porn movie when you can make one?”

How about this simple suggestion the next time you masturbate with a TENGA sex toy: record all the sound you make to see how wild you can turn yourself on. Better yet, record the sound the Tenga made as your slip your erected penis in and out of the Tenga masturbation toy.

And then send it over to tengatango.com and see if they use that recording your made and reward you with a prize. How’s that for erotic art and some vocal creativity. We are talking about a potential AV producer in the making!

Perhaps you rather take it slow and easy, or wild and rushing for that grand finish you always love. Like we said earlier – masturbation is the way you love yourself.

“I was so poor growing up … if I wasn’t a boy… I’d have had nothing to play with.” Rodney Dangerfield

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